PodCast on impact of Corona Virus on Livelihoods in Tamilnadu

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i think it would be a serious mistake to equate 'colonial masters' to 'feudals before them'. at least as a student of dharampalji you should not do it. otherwise, interesting as always.

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Hi Ram,

Wish you and all others in the group a happy, healthy and successful new year.

Your Day 25 reflections are very well put together, raise several vital points which can act as a background document that can inform and guide the reshaping of national policy on ayurveda and other Indian medical systems. AYUSH, in its present form, seems to be nothing but lame tokenism, hastily put together to pay lip service to traditional healthcare systems.

Parimala Rao
Senior Journalist


very good reflection I am sharing with my ayurvedic team

Secretary, Gandhigram, Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu.


I read the articles for the language. Some of the subjects go above my head and I don't completely understand, but, the language and precise description of facts and comments I find are extremely good. So, I read the articles every day because of that. Do please don't stop and continue to write.


I read it slowly because they make us think really hard. Your writing has given people in this time of reflection several issues to reflect on. The one article on being a Muslim in India today raised lot of questions that we collectively need to address.

a regular reader

Ram dear,

Heartily agree with your final para. Here in our village of Parra, life goes on with minimal disruption because village folk know how to survive distress conditions since they have been doing this for decades. Its our urban cousins that are cussing, yelling, demanding and otherwise making a nuisance of themselves. During this most recent diya attack on Miss Carona, one of the things done was to reduce power to the rural areas. But hey, we are always at the receiving end of power supply and power cuts, so what's new. We are still expert at surviving (including sleeping) without fans and ACs, and we know how to light a fire without gas. Thanks be to god!

Continue writing, because we continue to read, even if we do not respond to every missive.

-- Dr. Claude Alvares, Eminent Intellectual, Environmental Activist & Author

Dear Ram,

Again a very right posting. Millions of insidious deaths suffered all over the world due to basic exploitation go unregistered. Covid is too quick and too big to be ignored, hence the response. We can only hope that there will be a real, different "after", there will be surely significant changes but will it be real progress towards different societies?

Warm regards,

-- Alain Bernard, Senior Aurovillian and a Founding Member of the International Community


Thank you very much dear Ram, for this and other brilliant, to the point articles!

I wish to copy some of them on my FB page - unless you have them on a web- or blog site?

Light and Love and health to you and family, from both of us!

-- Jasmin, Auroville International Community Member
so true, Ram.unity of heart!
Mrs. Subha Bharadwaj, Social Activist, Chennnai

Absolutely .... thx. Passing to a friend in Noida.
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With love

Ms. Fif Fernandes, Founder - Director, MediClown Academy